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Best Fly Fishing Reels

The Torrent is Colton's Best Saltwater Fly Reel Series!

The Torrent is Colton Fly Company’s latest creation. Almost three years of design work went into this fly reel. We set out to build the best high quality saltwater fly reel that would rival the big name manufacturers at a fraction of the price. Mission accomplished! Say hello to the Torrent Series. These reels are quite possibly the best saltwater fly reels on the market today. Already producing 12lbs of drag out of the box the Torrent can be modified here at the factory to exceed 18lbs of drag for customers that desire more power. That’s more than three times the power of some the most expensive reels available. These fly reels were designed for a serious fight. Bring on the Tuna, Billfish and Sharks because this reel is up to the challenge!

All the reels in the Torrent series are cut from 6061 T-6 bar stock aluminum and are type II double anodized for maximum durability. The drag surface of the Torrent is made up of stacked PTFE Rulon discs, a material rather new to the fly reel industry that has unbelievable tolerances. Rulon is rated for CONSTANT operating temperature ranging from –400*F to 550*F and has zero water absorption! Rulon is by far a better drag surface choice over carbon fiber and cork. The Torrent also uses a self-lubricating bronze bushing with an oversized stainless steel spindle for rotation. This system is also completely maintenance free! The drag is activated by a Quad pawl Delrin coated Titanium ring. This engagement system is impervious to extreme cold and extreme heat. No “Free Spooling” to worry about on this reel. All in all you have a reel that is built to last for generations at an affordable price. You grand children will enjoy them when the time comes.

So if you have been dreaming about throwing flies at big game fish but have been deterred by the big game reel prices now is your chance with Torrent series, the best fly fishing reels on the market!

Torrent Features

  • Stacked Rulon disc drag
  • Quad radial pawl engagement with Delrin coated Titanium
  • Quick release spool
  • Zero startup inertia
  • Type II anodized
  • Precision CNC machined 6061 T-6 bar stock aluminum
  • Oversized machined Delrin handle
  • No tools required for left to right hand conversion
  • Incoming and outgoing click
  • Most powerful drag available today
  • Designed and built in the U.S.A.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available Colors: Gunsmoke Silver
NOTE: We have renamed the previous 810 model as the 911 now because we feel that reel is better suited for 9-11 rods. Spare spools for the 911 will fit the 810 models.

Model Line Diameter Weight Capacity Reel Spool
T-789 7-9 3.75 in 9.6 oz WF8 = 215 $400.00
Out of Stock
T-911 9-11 4.0 in 10.7 oz WF10 = 255 $415.00 NA
T-1113 11-13 4.5 in 11.3 oz WF12 = 325 $435.00
Out of Stock
T-1315 13+ 4.75 in 12.0 oz WF14 = 465 $455.00 NA

*Capacities are with 30lb dacron backing

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Best Fly Fishing Reels

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